Prestige in Nature

Me and my husband began our life together 15 years ago, being two very different people that strived to learn from each other. 

Spending the most of our time together as not only a couple but best friends. Every project we began, from planning unique vacations to building numerous homes, we would not only share our ideas but research every aspect. This enabled us to optimize our satisfaction based on our common values and interests.  

Built in 2011, our cottage home was our ultimate project. It would be our weekly getaway to leave all our stresses behind of owning our own family business.

Tired of renting cottages that did not live up to what we imagined we could build ourselves. We put our heart and our time into building a cottage that reunited diverse 'wow' ideas that we could never find under one roof . Some of our ideas :                                                                                                                        

- cathedral wood ceilings

- maconery custom fireplace offering wood fires similar to campfire outdoors 

- a master bedroom on main floor with overflow bathtub and optional doors opening to a direct view of fireplace while relaxing in the bath

- a hot tub only a few feet away from our master bath and bedroom 

Why did we decide to rent our cottage?

Our 5 year old son is starting school this year, we could therefore only spend 1 or 2 days a week there when ideally we would live there full-time. 

Our idea was therefore to offer other families and friends the possibility to share their own priceless moments.

We therefore wish you and your family or friends to experience a unforgettable stay. Because in the end, those are the moments that count and that we remember all our lives.

Welcome to our cottage home,

Michelle and Ben